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Last Revised: 2019

(prob. belongs to 1 fóir, EIF 80 n. 102 )

n word of doubtful meaning :

(a) a pig-stye (?): f.¤ .i. bid doigh cum[b]a ainm d[ḟ]oill muice, ut est diam orc a f.¤ foserbthar `if it be a pig that is stolen out of a stye' O'Dav. 1010 (out of a litter ? but perhaps = 1 fóir). fuil muc oc a ngabail a crū, fuilmuc a f.¤ (.i. oc breith), Laws v 152.4 [154.20] .

(b) specific name for a pig at a certain age: is ocht n-anmanna in[n]a muc, comlachtaid, scuithid, f.¤ , etc., O'Dav. 360 .