3 eó

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Forms: Eó, Eó, iuech

n o (cf. g p. in n.l. Mag Eó and the compd. stem in n.l. Eó-chaill; g s. iuech: scïach K. and H. seems due to the analogy of 1 eó), m. The meaning in the glosses apparently was stem, shaft, but in Mid. Ir. usually a tree: in eo na cros `in the stem of the crosses' Thes. ii 255.3 . a mbís hoṡen suas dind eo `what is from that upwards of the shaft' 255.7 . éo ainglech | crann croiche in Choimded, Fél. Mar. 10 (with gl.: eo .i. lignum .i. crand LB. O'Dav. 779 ). `eo' crand, Corm. Y 1272 . O'Cl. O'Mulc. 480 . Esp. a yew: eo (.i. ibur) RC xiii 222.28 . LL 395a8 . O'Cl. mairg do Chliu | dia fríth Fer fíth inna eu RC xiii 460.22 (corresp. to: dus ibair 436.21 ) = Fianaig. 32.20 . dercu iuech `berries of the yew' K. and H. 21 . Cf. edad .i. eu, Auraic. 5522 (edad `aspen' 1195 ). Of any tree remarkable for size or age: Éo Rosa, ibar é...dair dano eo Mugna, Dinds. 160 . Fig. of a champion, a leader: ba héo duairc dermór (of Goliath) SR 5752 . rop éo uas ind fhid, ropo rígda ind rail LL 147a32 = PRIA iii 550 § 27 . o ro tencsat Cesair in[a] éo ard áighthidi i medhón in tslóigh, CCath. 498 . Murchad mac Briain, Eo Rossa rigdraidi Erend M. the yew of Ross of Ireland's princes (i.e. the most surpassing) Cog. 166.7 . COMPDS.: éo-chaill yew-forest: fig., of a band of warriors: dirsan dond eochaill amra, Fianaig. 10 § 8 . Cf. the n.l. Eóchaill. ¤chrann a huge or ancient tree, a yew-tree: eocrand...duillech dossfota IT iii 42 § 48 = 13 § 23 . eóchrann darach dermhaire, CCath. 336 . eochrainn dermára 1812 . 1389 . 1761 . ¤glas green-trunked (?): mong...iubair eou-glais, K. and H. 13 .