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n a pledge of some kind (?): acht ma rochuille cleircecht no enudha `but what clerkship forbids, or `e.¤'- pledge' (enudha .i. ... aeth uadh i nde na dingne aris `an oath from him by God that he will not do it again') Laws iii 62.5 ( 9 ). nocha dligtur da mac a gaire do denum co ti aimsir sirg no galuir no enudha `her son is not bound to maintain her until the time of decrepitude or disease or `e.¤'- pledge' 60.20 Comm. 62.19 Comm. (eonudha). co ti aimsir sirg no enṡod 62.15 Comm. enotha [.i.] in gell denma aithirge, acht ni taibre in fine `the pledge for repentance, but the family will not give it' 61 n. Cf. enod ?