1 drisiuc

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Last Revised: 2013

Forms: driseoc, driscona

n (cf. dris? Hypocoristic form acc. to Russell, Celtic Word-Formation 115-16 , but cf. Binchy, Ériu xvi 43 ) Also driseoc. g s. -a. a pl. driscona, Laws v 388.6 . Name of a poetic grade, a `doérbard' of the third degree , see IT iii 109 . Short for dris-bard, Wortk. 33 . Acc. to Laws Comm. a low satirist or lampooner , ranking below the `dos', the `mac fuirmid', and the `fochlacán' but above the `taman' and the `oblaire', see Laws v 64.8 . He was obliged to know twenty tales: fiche (sc. scél) la drisac, i 46.1 . driseog . . . fichi drecht lais ┐ screball a diri, Lec. 340b9 . it é anmand na ndóerbard .i. bard lorge ┐ d.¤ (drissic, BB), etc., IT iii 5.16 . in damnech drisiucca (ind nemnech driseca, BB), 65.12 . drissiuc .i. duiniu gér goirt, ACL i 160 . d.¤ .i. intí is dris ar letarthaighi ┐ is cú ar amainsi nó ar anble, O'Dav. 724 . d.¤ dogrinn co tri certle, 617 .