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Forms: díthim, díthim

n,n. vn. of di-tuit Ériu xx 87 . act of lapsing, becoming forfeit; forfeiture: géill dithma forfeited hostages, Críth Gabl. 596 . diles dano athgabal agar ma diroth here[t] a dithme the period after which it is forfeit, ZCP xiii 23.33 , see Bürgschaft 12 § 38 . ar na anna nech do dithim gill a coimded dar a cenn, Laws v 378.4 . Used in technical sense in connexion with the process of athgabál, of the period of time (respite) during which the pledge is in the pound of the creditor but is no longer the property of the debtor. The gradual forfeiting of the pledge then begins (díthim); the actual forfeiture being called lobad. See Bürgschaft 12 § 38 . aimsera a dithma .i. lobad na cend (i.e. at the end of the period of díthim actual forfeiture takes place), Laws i 210.29 , 212.11 Comm. cuic seoit i lobud cacha hathgabala . . . noch fil tri seota cacha tratha ro follaigther co aurlaind a dithma, 102.8 ; v 404.23 . ni ro techtsad . . . anta na dithmanda acht dithim n-aoine nama, i 262.25 . fofuiriut anta ┐ dithmunn, ii 104.19 . direnar dia dechmaide iar n-a inbuid díthma, v 398.13 . dithim treisi for cach nathgabail, i 222.25 .