1 deithbire

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n ,f. (1 deithbir) adequate reason, necessity, just cause: slógad fri deithbiri, Tec. Corm. § 1 . atcether a d.¤ let the cause of it be seen, Ériu vii 150 § 20 . cen deithfiri without just cause, 162 § 7 . In Laws justifiable excuse or lawful im- pediment: cach turbaid (sic leg.) co ndethbire every exemption on ground of necessity, Laws i 268. 8 . athchur a mialtair cen dethbire returning a child badly fostered without necessity (?), ii 162.26 . diriuch cach dethbere, 2.4 . imscar dethbire justifiable separation, v 136.4 Comm. dona cintaibh deith- bhire of unavoidable or justifiable infractions of law, iv 246 Comm. ceithre gona duine d.¤ four cases of justifiable homicide, 252.17 .