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Forms: congoite, conguin

v (* com-gon-, Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 548 ) wounds, pierces : cotagoin in ríastarthe, LU 4575 (rhet. TBC). conid di congegne (congeogain, v.l.) in ríg on deirc ochsaile co 'roile `with it he transfixed the king', Dinds. 6 . gēr a ghāi congegna a crand, ZCP xiii 169.15 . is cuma congontis, TTebe 3772 (perh. rather gonaid with rel. con-). ? la Maine congeoidin (gongeodhain, v.l.) `by M. he shall fall'(?), Ériu ii 184.12 . ? cotagaet mathair na da mac [dec], O'Curry 1637 (23 Q 6, 10a) (pret. of gonaid with codo why? Ir. Recht 11 ).

Part. congoite gl. compunctus, Ml. 58c17 . Vn. conguin.